The Flying Moose loves bikes and is your source for high quality, low cost mountain bikes, fat tire bikes, specialty bikes, and custom special order bikes. We also offer bike rentals and are located right off the bike path in Marquette.

Our featured bike lines:

framed-bikes-the-flying-moose-marquette-upper-peninsula-michiganFramed Bikes – The Flying Moose is the exclusive Framed dealer in Marquette, Michigan and the whole Upper Peninsula, carrying a full line of framed bikes. High quality bikes made one state away in Minnesota.  The framed line includes fat tire bikes, road bikes, trail bikes, and BMX bikes.

The Framed bike company of St.Paul, MN, has filled a void within the fat bike industry. There existed a lack of technically sound, affordable bikes targeted to riders who demand a bike with tomorrow’s technology at a great value. Framed is driven to produce highly engineered bikes that are priced so all cyclists, regardless of socio-economic standing, can immerse themselves in the “Framed” experience.

Framed Bikes - The Flying Moose - Marquette, MI

Whether you’re purpose to pedal is to combat traffic congestion, stay healthy, be the cool kid or to lessen your environmental impact, Framed has models for all ages and riding abilities and are priced on principle, not profit. For this simple reason is why the family-owned business remains true to its vision where great bikes do not have have to be expensive or complicated. Framed wants everyone to enjoy the countless benefits of cycling.

Framed builds unique bikes which allow us to escape into a world where both carbon and human footprints simply do not exist. So unleash one of these two-wheel beasts and enhance freedom, promote exploration and recapture youth. Join the Framed close-knit family and live life to pedal.


yuba-bikes-the-flying-moose-up-marquette-michiganYuba Mundo – The Flying Moose stays true to its mission – to carry specialty outdoor products in the U.P. with the Mundo line from Yuba Bikes. The Yuba Mundo is a line of cargo bikes that can be customized to carry your gear with you wherever you go.  We even carry the enMundo, featuring BionX petal assist motor allowing you to go farther with the gear you need!
A bike is useful, friendly, healthy, affordable, functional, fun, multi-cultural, and powered by you. They are interactive and participatory and encourage freedom, exploration, creativity, and awareness. Bikes are a connector of people, places, and things, and the facilitator of childlike bliss and a svelte physics. They promote a simplified and slower-paced lifestyle, something every one of us—even you—could use. This is what a bicycle can do. What now, you ask, can a cargo bicycle do? A cargo bicycle delivers all of the above, plus endless configurations of innovative schlepping to and from (your entire family in tow).

All this in mind, Benjamin Sarrazin, a family man and entrepreneur with a love of the outdoors, made it his mission to bring the ubiquitous European cycling lifestyle to the US. You see, Benjamin grew up on two wheels in Strasbourg, France and eventually furthered his love for the beautiful machines by working in Germany’s prestigious bicycle industry. An avid kayaker, Benjamin’s introduction to California came from his summers kayaking The Yuba River—yes, that’s exactly where the company got its name. Once in the US, it didn’t take Benjamin long to notice the environment around him was under stress. With this, his life’s work was defined: take action against environmental degradation, build community, and repair a vehicle dependent society—his answer: the almighty bicycle.

This is how Yuba came to be. And today, the culture at Yuba is synonymous with the culture of riding bicycles, in addition to an unwavering commitment to family. They exist to lead, inspire, educate, and share the power of a healthy, sustainable way of life, via two wheels. They feel that joy, pride, and possibility strike the perfect balance when carrying whatever you want, wherever you want, with your own horsepower. Try it. Perhaps you’ll agree.
Framed Bikes - The Flying Moose - Marquette, MI