Fresh Deli Sandwiches - Organic Food - The Flying Moose - Marquette, MIIf you’re looking for organic food and local food options in Marquette, Michigan check out The Flying Moose. At The Flying Moose in Marquette your health is our top priority. Thats why we carry only organic food and natural, healthy food selections many from local farmers. Our selection includes organic local vegetables including peppers, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and so many more varieties.

We have meat from local farmers including multiple selections of great local organic beef, chicken, pork, and fish; all in many ready-to-prepare options!The Flying Moose in Marquette has all kinds of great snacks from fresh healthy options to local candy and other treats. Check out the Flying Moose’s wide variety of options to spice up your food! A wide variety of organic condiments, fresh-local maple syrup, and a full line of dried bulk spices for all your cooking needs.

Our store also features a in-house deli that brings new sandwiches, soups, and coffee brews, including our specialty “Moose Juice” to Marquette.. a great place to stop for lunch! We also have a beer and wine license allowing us to carry many specialty beers, wines, local brews, and more!


Local Farm Bios:

Shady Grove Farm – Gwinn, MI:
We are a small, Certified Naturally Grown, family farm. We utilize permaculture practices and continue our work to create a more sustainable system that works entirely together, with each aspect of the farm benefitting from another.

Our mission is to produce the healthiest and most nutrient dense foods for our family and community, keeping quality and integrity as our top priorities, while maintaining high standards of stewardship for the environment. We are proud to be a chemical free farm and use only the highest quality, Certified Organic and Soy Free feed for all of our animals.

As farmers, we feel it is our responsibility to help bridge the gap between people and food, as well as other farm produced goods. We do this by opening our farm to tours, field trips and even offering classes. Producing food and farm products is one thing, but making the connection between these products and consumers helps to complete the circle, while strengthening community and our local farms and food system.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a farm visit. We are 100% transparent and want people to know their farmers.


Bean Pole Farm – Chatham, MI:
Bean Pole Farm is a new farm in Chatham, Michigan, operating out of a farm incubator program at The North Farm at UPREC. Through sustainable farming practices, high quality all-natural vegetables, herbs, and flowers are produced on a half-acre of well-loved soil. Bean Pole Farm’s goods can be found locally at the Flying Moose in Marquette, MI.

Our mission is to provide clean, nutritious, and tasty food to our local community through organic and responsible growing practices. Our aim is to improve and maintain our consumer’s health as well as restore and sustain the health of the land, all while minimizing waste and environmental impact.