Outdoor Gear

Frost River Packs - The Flying Moose - Marquette, MIThe Flying Moose is stocked with a variety of outdoor gear items and other products including clothing, hiking gear, sunglasses, and camping gear. The Flying Moose carries a full line of Frost River products the highest quality wax canvas “softgood” products made in the USA in Duluth, MN with a lifetime warranty. Frost River offerings at The Flying Moose include wax canvas backpacks, bike bags, daypacks, work bags, totes, wallets, choppers, hunting accessories and so much more. Hunting gear includes, hammocks, water purifiers, locally-made fishing lures, outdoor survival products, compasses, Gerber knife products, and many more. We also carry Stanley lunch boxes, french press, and vacuum bottles so you can keep your food and drinks with you on your next adventure!

Iron Coast Longboards - The Flying Moose - Marquette, MIThe Flying Moose also carries Proof Eyewear Sunglasses. Proof Sunglass frames are made completely from reclaimed wood and include many modern design style options to protect your eyes and keep you looking fresh.

Check out locally made longboards from Iron Coast Longboards at the Flying Moose. These longboards are the highest quality available, made out of only the highest quality components. Even have your own longboard custom made!

Camping-Hunting Gear - The Flying Moose - Marquette, MIThe Flying Moose specializes in many local products some of which include be-leaf body care products -a full line of organic makeup and skin care, local art, clothing, and lightweight¬†wooden kayaks handmade in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Our inventory is always changing and we are always seeking out and stocking new high quality products to help you enjoy, adventure, and tackle the challenges of the outdoors in the UP! So stop in The Flying Moose and stock up on gear then get out and enjoy the beautiful UP wilderness today! Adventure awaits you!